Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are you prepared? It is officially unraveling now!

The collapse of the American economy is now at our door. Here are some recent statistics that prove my point:

What's happening in Europe?

  • The world financial markets are tied together in ways you can't imagine. Countries often borrow from one country to loan to another country and that country may loan to the first country again. That is why the economy in Greece has been such a big news item. Greece is really "small fry" in the scheme of European debt. The big three countries that could bring near death to the €EUR ("the Euro") are Italy, Ireland, and Spain -- all of whom are approaching bankruptcy. Anyone of those countries in default will cause the €EUR to fall rapidly and trigger a worldwide financial crisis.
  • Study the following New York Times chart for a few minutes and you will see what a "house-of-cards-about-to-fall" the European economy is. Each arrow originates with the nation borrowing money and points to the nation from which it borrowed money. As you can see, it is quite a mess with money going back and forth from nation to nation. When one part of the wheel fails, the whole thing begins to implode.
European debt disaster
  • It isn't a matter of IF they will fall, but WHEN. And Thursday, August 4th, 2011 could very well be the final straw. Italy is on its death bed. They closed their stock market and declared a "market holiday." They knew that if the market stayed open, their entire thing would have collapsed within hours. Look for the €EUR to decline rapidly in value. It will not go away, however, because the Germans will work to keep THEIR currency afloat. So when the Euro goes down to be worth next to nothing, buy a lot of them and hold on for the ride.

The U.S. plays games with debt politics

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Index dropped 300 points in the morning of 8/4/2011. But wait! Wasn't the crisis supposed to be over because Congress finally gave the President another $2.4 trillion to borrow? (The news also says that this amount has almost been exhausted in just a few days.) But we should feel OK about that because we got mandated budget cuts in return, right? WRONG!
  • Let me tell you what the actual budget cuts look like. Pretend you were having trouble paying your bills. I decide to lend your $24,000 but I require you to reduce your monthly budget by $2.50. Do you think you could handle that? If you think that is ridiculous, this is precisely what your government just did.
  • There wasn't even a realy crisis, yet. The government didn't need to default. They could have held monthly auctions and each month auctioned off $100 billion of real estate which the government acquired during the 2008 mortgage default crisis. They could have gone another year without borrowing a dime. You were lied to -- plain and simple.
  • What's the result? The Producer Price Index shows we are having 9.2% inflation and that is headed up to double digit territory soon. (Forget the Consumer Price Index -- the government took out the costs of energy from that calculation so they would look better.)
  • 400,000 Americans are currently filing for unemployment each week. Many more are still unemployed but no longer have benefits.
  • Prominent stock advisors are saying to get out of all U.S. assets.
  • America is now victim of its own Ponzi scheme.
  • The recent Wikileaks report shows that the Federal Reserve loaned $15 trillion to the wealthiest of the global elites and now that money is gone -- stolen from the US economy.
  • "Loser-in-chief" Barak Obama (thank you, Peggy Noonan for finally helping us find the right name) went 800 days of his Presidency without submitting a budget. (He doesn't care about a stinking budget!) When he finally did submit one, the Senate voted against it 97-0. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means everyone in his own party knows he is a blooming idiot.
  • Obama talks about a recovering economy, but our Gross Domestic Product grew by only 0.4% on the last report. So we are OFFICIALLY in recession. The GDP must grow by 3% to be healthy. The economy is contracting and the government's invisible taxation (by printing more money which makes our money worth less but from which the government derives full value) is killing our economy at a rate that even Jimmy Carter would be proud to call his own.
  • Bottom line: The Dow will drop 40-70% soon. Gold and silver are about to take off with rocket boosters underneath them. The news isn't going to be good. Get ready. Get prepared.

I've said it before now

This isn't the first time I've talked about this. View the 2 video presentations I made months ago:
You can watch these videos on:
  • Yyour SmartPhone (Android, IPhone, etc.)
  • Your computer
  • Or on a TV that is hooked to a Roku ( box (look for the channel and look for rrohlin or First Baptist Church Las Colinas).
Please do so. Feel free to leave me feedback on my Facebook page. I'll be sharing in coming weeks the actions I'm taking on my Twitter feed in case you'd like to follow along.

The best counsel I've found

Now I have to admit to you that I should have shared this with you before now. But I wanted to test the waters and see if I wanted to put my good name behind something and recommend it. I paid what was for me a tidy sum for some economic advice. Proverbs 23:23 says, "Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding." Based on that, I decided to purchase some expert financial advice, even though I wasn't comfortable with the price at the time. I'm happy to say that I have made back many times that investment. I now understand that the U.S. economy is on the tracks, headed for the chasm, and the bridge is out. What I learned from this service (and continue to learn from it weekly) has been the most valuable financial counsel I've ever received. I recommend it to you. When you sign up, make sure you watch every video and read every article. There are some "secrets of the rich" that I'm not in a position to do yet. But I have started on what I am able to do. Every bit of preparation you can make will make life smoother for you and your family in the months to come.
My goal is to help people protect their families. If this information helps get you and your family off the runaway train so you can live to fight for your families and your country another day, then I have served my purpose. May God bless you. And remember in the months to come:

"You must make God your security instead of making security your god."

Here's a quote from Elevation Group Mike Dillard:
I want you to know that your time to protect yourself, (and even profit), is quickly running out… America and the world are drowning in debt, and their only solution is to print more money.  When the only option you have left is to go into more debt in order to pay off old debt, the game is over. This is the very definition of a Ponzi-Scheme, and it is about to come crashing down, sending the world into the “Greatest Depression”, and finally war… 
If you are not prepared, you stand to lose everything… Your job, your home, and your life-savings…  I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops for three years privately when silver was just $10, and gold was $800… I’ve since taken this message public with the launch of The Elevation Group in December of 2010… Those who listened have grown their wealth by more than 300%, while also achieving the ultimate level in financial security. 
Today’s events are simply a small preview of what’s to come, and when that time arrives, (which is now sooner, rather than later), it will be too late… 
You have a very important choice to make right now that will affect the rest of your life…
You can choose to protect yourself and prosper from the mistakes of madmen, or you can do nothing as they steal or destroy everything you have… 
The future is written in the pages of the past. We’re simply marching toward the final chapter, one page at a time...  
Do it. 
Empower yourself, protect your family, and create a future of prosperity inside the eye of this gathering storm."

All I can do is say, "Amen."  Buy financial wisdom from those who have it.  It will be the best investment you ever made.  That was certainly true for me. Quit listening to broke Uncle Harry's advice about how to get along financially.  Learn from people who have more than $10 million in net worth -- like Mike Dillard.  They understand what is happening in a way most people don't.  I'm thankful I found him and heartily recommend him to you.  I've spoken with Mike in person and he is approachable, humble, and has a real desire to help people.  The quality of content he puts out there demonstrates this.  He doesn't make recommendations.  He just tells you what he and others are doing and gives you enough information that you can locate the resources and do the same.  It is refreshing to find this kind of openness and honesty.

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