Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Economic bubble popping!

Gold is about to zoom.  Better start buying now if you haven't already. (Silver will do at least as well and is more affordable.)  Here's why you need to buy now:
  1. With the stock market going down (part of an inevitable cyclical swing), people are looking for a safe place to put their money.  That typically leaves 2 alternatives:  US Treasury certificates and precious metals.  
  2. Thanks to Bernanke, US Treasury certificates are now paying about 2.19% for a 10-year note.  The only other time it has been that low was in the worst part of the Great Depression.  (What's THAT tell you?)   If you buy a treasury certificate (which some stupid people are), then you are getting 2.19% to lock in your money for 10 years in that certificate.  Anyone who would do that is a certifiable idiot.  
  3. Assuming there is still intelligent life on the planet, they all have to go buy gold and silver if they don't want to lose their money.  This is really starting to hit people.  Soon it won't matter what the government tries to do; gold and silver will rise no matter what.  We're reaching critical mass.
Here's the chart of 10-year treasury certificate yields.  Don't wait.  Invest in precious metals now so you can preserve the purchasing power of your family.  And if you want to know what rich people (more than $10 million in cash) are doing with their money right now, then you need to watch this video.  I did, and it has made a real difference in our preparedness.

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