Monday, August 1, 2011

I realized recently that I didn't have a recording for one sermon in my "Battles for Your Soul" series, so I used the Sunday school time to teach a sermon I had preached last year. In the book of Joshua, there are 5 battles -- and each one is a picture of a key battle for our soul or for the souls of our children.

The sermon was about the Battle Against Hidden Sin which gets its points from the story in Joshua about Israel going to battle against Ai and then being defeated. If you dig into the details of that lesson, there are some startling statistics about just how arrogant the Israelites were.

But when I taught the lesson this time, I added some information about how to recognize when your children have hidden sin in their lives. This is something I've had to deal with a few times as a Dad and I think every parent needs to know. You need to actively parent and look for these signs on a regular basis in order to keep the hearts of your children. I also give some very specific instructions for how to deal with hidden sins in the lives of your family members. I hope it will help a parent who is struggling. I hope you'll listen to this message and that it will be a help to you.

Hidden sin doesn't just suddenly happen in your children -- it is part of a process.

1.The person becomes less and less spiritually alert – going to sleep to potential dangers.

2.Wrong habits develop – these are usually “caught” from someone who is a significant influence or who is in a position of authority.

3.Person becomes an energy-taker instead of energy-giver.

4.Person becomes secretive and withdrawn.

Hidden sins are usually preceded by wrong habits -- habits often caught from the parents.  The hidden sins are the ones that are the hardest to get rid of, because the strength of sin is in its secrecy.

Dealing with sin and disobedience in our children is tough for any of us -- but especially tough for single mothers. I recently included some advice to single moms and single dads to know how to properly discipline a child. Check it out in my new book.

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