Friday, September 2, 2011

Poor man's way to buy gold

Dads, it is your job to provide for and protect your family financially.  I've been encouraging friends and family to buy precious metals -- particularly silver -- for the last year.  It is my conviction that our dollar is in serious decline and inflation will be double-digit within just a few months.  To preserve purchasing value, you need to get out of currency (paper) and into money (gold, silver, or other things with intrinsic value).

Now I like for purchasing silver.  Prices are better than other places and shipment is quick.  But it is pretty hard for me to shell out money for gold -- it rose $45 last night to $1875/oz. as of this morning.  Long term, I believe silver will increase by the greatest percentage.  But in the short term, gold is the clear winner.  So if you want to get in on gold gains but don't have a bunch of currency laying around to buy several gold coins, what do you do?

Well, folks at SilverSaver have solved this problem.  You can set up an automatic bank draft to make a regular savings deposit to SilverSaver.  You then specify whether you want them to maintain your deposits in silver or gold.  When you make a deposit, it is converted into holdings of silver and gold within their vault.  You earn whatever your chosen metal earns.  So if you only deposited enough to own 1/10th of a gold coin ($187.50) and gold goes up $45 overnight, then you made $4.50 overnight (which is a LOT better than your savings account will do).  Of course you will also experience downward fluctuations.  But if you look at a graph of gold over the last year, you will wish you had known about these folks sooner.  I'm now a customer.  I hope this may be of help to you as well.  At the very least, this account should allow you to preserve your purchasing power instead of losing it.

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