Friday, April 5, 2013

A poem I wrote came back to haunt me....

I don't wax poetic often.  I once offered my wife this wonderfully-composed poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
Lovers are like noses,
So I pick you.

Needless to say, my wife encouraged me to develop talents other than poetry after that.  
But on at least one plane ride in 2005, I must have felt the urge.  I had forgotten that I wrote this poem.  I found it today in a directory on my mother's hard drive.  Lately, it seems that my life has been one solid bit of rushing between my various responsibilities, schedules, and appointments.  This poem served as a great reminder of what is really important in my life.  

I doubt it will be as memorable as the 4-line poem I composed for my wife on Valentine's Day.  But I hope it will be a blessing to you.  By the way, I once wrote another poem called My Glimpse of Glory which is a term I use for my wife.  You'll notice that term used in the following poem.  Next time you see me, check to see if I'm living for what is most important or not.  Perhaps I'll do the same for you.

Real Meaning

People everywhere all the time talking,
In chit-chat and business while driving and walking.
So many words with so little said
Their minds not on substance, but shadow instead.

Schedules, activities, to-do lists, assigned
Engineers and executives with goals intertwined.
On-the-road couples plan their weekend dining;
Others engage in long-distance whining.

Words in abundance, yet none fill the soul.
Living calendars and appointments without a true goal.
The world in busy-ness lives out its part,
Ne’er knowing the peace of a satisfied heart.

But Christ sent His Spirit my heart to fill,
And I’m finding true joy in His perfect will.
Too wonderful for words, He added riches untold,
Giving a beautiful wife to cherish and hold.

My glimpse of glory, I live for her love
Every moment together a treasure from above.
The Giver from His bounty gives still another reward:
A heritage of children by parents adored.

Whether I work at home or far away,
My heart turns to family throughout the day.
Abounding with love, joys beyond word,
The thanks and the glory belong to the Lord.

I lack for nothing, His endowments overflow,
A peace He gives that the world does not know.
I long they should know my Savior and Master,
Living deeper and richer, and not only faster.

God, grant us boldness to share the Love that you gave
Helping others cry out for Jesus to save.
From your abundant grace-gifts, give us a will to share
To glorify you and show that we care.

-- Robert Rohlin, May 13, 2005 on an airplane
 for the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his engagement to 
Judy, the love of his life.

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